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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 10 NorCal XC Runners of the Decade (boys and girls)

With all the top 10 lists posted online, it's only fitting that I post the top 10 top NorCal XC runners for this past decade.

I have to do a little research before I post the final lists but if you would like to post your own lists, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

I am only looking at what runners did during their high school career and during cross country season only.

Those lists will be posted in the next few days.

The All-NorCal teams will be posted as well on www.lynbrooksports.com in the next week or so.

Comments on either lists are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Are we looking at high school success or post high school success in a combination?

Because if we're looking at post high school success too, a runner like Shannon Rowbury is probably at the top of the list. However, you could argue that there are some runners like Tori Tyler who were better than Rowbury was in high school.

Also, a runner like Stephanie Wilson wouldn't rank top 10 based on her hs career, but her college career has been amazing.

So is it a combination of it all? Or just high school?

Anonymous said...

Oh oops, I just saw you meant only during high school. That's too bad because a great runner like Wilson (probably top 10 in the last decade overall) should be up there.

Anyway, if it's only high school, Laurynne Chetelat might be leading that list.

Anonymous said...

Well, obvious choice for #1 is German Fernandez.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have what you need but if you need more info about Ukiah's Amber Trotter, still holds course record from her National win in Florida, or Montgomery's Sara Bei another one of our National champs and 1st girl to win 4 State XC titles let me know.
Jim Crowhurst

Anonymous said...

If this is XC, Amber Trotter leads the list without a doubt. In track, could make an argument for Chetelat.

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks Jim.

This list, as I mentioned, will be considering high school cross country achievements only.

I have most of the runners. Now just a matter of ranking them.

Feel free to post your own list here.

Anonymous said...

"could make an arguement" for Chetelat in track? Are you serious? Forgive me for going off topic, since the post is about XC, but Chetelat ran the 3rd fastest 3200 time EVER by a high school girl. I say that would get her on the list without a question.

Anonymous said...

who has the most state medals? that's the measure of a great runner

Anonymous said...

Rowe 5 state cross country medals in three years and two time all american. CA junior of the year and NorCal runner of the year last year and first team all state three times (assume this year is a given).

Not sure any boy accomplished more from NorCal other than Fernandez?

Anonymous said...

Chetelat is without a doubt on the list, I mean, should she list the lead the list in track? You could argue that she should, but people like Caitlin Chock are also up there...

Anonymous said...

1 and 2 are Amber Trotter and Sara Bei. But after that, Chetelat and Tori Tyler I think are pretty close. Yes Chetelat ran faster at Woodward Park but there is something special to be said about a sub 17 performance at Crystal Springs with little competition.

Anonymous said...

For the CCS girls... Tori Tyler is an obvious choice. #2 from the CCS would have to be Jennifer Bergman. She ran 17:16 at Crystal (11th fastest ever and third fastest time this decade) and is in the top 10 all-time at State for D3 and D4, not to mention 6th place finish in the FL west region.

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