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Monday, July 30, 2007

Most Successful XC Teams in CA State Meet Era

This list is based on top 3 finishes at the CA State XC Meet, which has been held at Woodward Park (Fresno) since 1987. Following each school, the coach or coaches that are most associated with each team's success are listed. The numbers in parenthesis have the total number of plaques won by each school followed by a breakdown of boys and girls' plaques.

1) Nordhoff-Ken Reeves (19 total, 10 Boys/9 Girls) 11 State Titles
2) SF University-Jim Tracy (15 total, 5 Boys/10 Girls) 6 State Titles
3) Flintridge Prep-Ingrid Herskind (12 total, 10 Boys/2 Girls) 4 State Titles
4) Corona Del Mar-Bill Sumner (11 total, 4 Boys/7 Girls) 7 State Titles
4) Jesuit-Walt Lange (11 total, Boys' only school) 9 State Titles
4) Maranatha-John Rouse (11 total, 5 Boys/6 Girls) 4 State Titles
4) McFarland-Jim White (11 total, 11 Boys) 9 State Titles
8) Dana Hills-Tim Butler/Rex Hall (10 total, 5 Boys/5 Girls) 1 State Titles
9) Oak Park-Kevin Smith (10 total, 4 Boys/6 Girls) 4 State Titles
10) Campolindo-Chris Walsh (9 total, 2 Boys/7 Girls) 1 State Titles
10) Morro Bay-Cary Nerelli (9 total, 6 Boys/3 Girls) 0 State Titles

Next up will be top teams in the 2000s.


Mattern said...

I've enjoyed reading this site this summer.

George Ramos said...

Ingrid does not coach Flintridge Prep's girls XC team.

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