Monday, March 27, 2023

Stanford Invitational entries now posted

I will post a preview for this meet by Thursday. In the meantime, please feel free to comment below on the races/events you are most looking forward to watching this weekend.

You can check them out at this link:

Here is the tentative schedule which may be adjusted by next Friday:

Saturday, March 25, 2023

NorCal Track and Field Results

Best performance from this weekend? Here are a couple to start.
Andrew Fu Harker 10.69 100m at Firebird Relays
Ashlyn Boothby 2:10.37 800m at Firebird Relays
Los Gatos boys 4 x 400 relay 3:21.85 at Lynbrook Invitational
Hannah Rutherford 24.50 200m at Lynbrook Invitational
Grant Morgenfeld 8:56.31 3200m at Meet of Champions Distance Classic
Y'vette Harris 13.90 100m hurdles at Thunder Invitational

Firebird Relays results LINK
Lynbrook Invitational results LINK
Bay Area Relays at Foothill HS results LINK
Thunder Invitational at Rocklin HS results LINK
Meet of Champions Distance Classic results LINK

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Shannon Rowbury's XC camp

Don't wait until the summer is over and competition is about to begin!!  Set yourself up for success and kickstart your summer training using the skills and insight that sustained the 12-year professional running career of a 3-time Olympian and former 3-time American Record holder. 

June 5-9. At SF State. There's both a morning or an afternoon option.

Link to sign-up for camp:

Video from our Aug 2022 one day Girls T&F camp:

Monday, March 20, 2023

NorCal Top 5 Distance Times for 800, 1600, 3200 and 4 x 800 relays

Boys 800m
1) Parker Long Piedmont 1:53.25
2) Justin Pretre Menlo 1:53.68
3) Mateo Malko-Allen St. Mary's Berkeley 1:54.40
4) Carson Hedlund Pioneer 1:55.36
5) Ryan Martin River City 1:55.60

Girls 800m
1) Cate Peters Monte Vista 2:11.04
2) Sabrina Zanetto St. Francis MV 2:14.72
3) Anna Fawcett St. Francis MV 2:15.11
4) Jessica Chisar College Park 2:16.87
5) Emma Gardner Tamalpais 2:18.01

Boys 1600m
1) Grant Morgenfeld Palo Alto 4:14.12 (mile) converts to 4:12.65
2) Mateo Malko-Allen St. Mary's Berkeley 4:13.40
3) Aydon Stefanopoulos Los Gatos 4:16.36 (mile) converts to 4:14.87
4) Lucas Cohen Albany 4:15.37
5) Alex Lamoureux College Park 4:15.45

Girls 1600m
1) Ashlyn Boothby Scotts Valley 4:49.29
2) Hanne Thomsen Montgomery 4:54.32
3) Taylor Wellersdick Chico 4:54.42
4) Adeline Johnson Branson 4:56.94
5) Renae Searls Alhambra 4:58.72

Boys 3200m
1) Ethan Miller Monte Vista 9:00.73
2) Daegan Cutter Redwood 9:00.91
3) Broen Holman Sonora 9:03.11
4) Joshua Chua Ponderosa 9:15.19
5) Sean Morello Albany 9:05.99

Girls 3200m
1) Hanne Thomsen Montgomery 10:18.69
2) Ashlyn Boothby Scotts Valley 10:26.12
3) Renae Searls Alhambra 10:32.89
4) Katie Kopec Whitney 10:33.93
5) Adeline Johnson Branson 10:39.76

Boys 4 x 800 Relay
1) Clayton Valley 7:57.44
2) Crystal Springs Uplands 7:58.90
3) Bellarmine 7:58.93
4) Foothill 8:04.18
5) Los Gatos 8:14.24

Girls 4 x 800 Relay
1) Rio Americano 9:50.10
2) Lodi 9:50.72
3) Los Gatos 9:52.73
4) Palo Alto 9:54.49
5) Bay School of SF 9:57.74

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

FEATURE Dublin Distance Fiesta Gets the PR Party Started

Monday, March 13, 2023

Dublin Distance Fiesta Heats are OUT!

You can check out all 70 heats at this LINK.

Which will be the best race of the day? Who are the runners that are going to make a major statement this Saturday? What race are you most looking forward to watching or competing in? 

Saturday, March 11, 2023

NorCal Cross Country and Track and Field College Commitments

Ellie Buckley Campolindo (NCS) Boston College
Cate Peters
 Monte Vista (NCS) Stanford University
Sean Morello Albany (NCS) Duke University
Justin Pretre Menlo (CCS) Cal Berkeley
Katie Kopec Whitney (SJS) Oregon State University
Lauren Soobrian Los Altos (CCS) Duke University
Alexander Lodewick Campolindo (NCS) Cal Berkeley
Dheeraj Gurusamy Granada (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Sally Binder Monte Vista (NCS) Georgetown
Walker Quinn Oak Ridge (SJS) University of Texas
Amber Boothby Scotts Valley (CCS) UC San Diego
Kaiya Brooks Crystal Springs Uplands School (CCS) Harvard University
Aiden Deffner Menlo School (CCS) John Hopkins University
William Floyd Menlo School (CCS) University of Chicago
Fiona Bodkin Los Altos (CCS) Pomona
Ella Fadil Los Altos (CCS) Boston College
Ethan Miller Monte Vista (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Brooke Butler Oak Ridge (SJS) UC Davis
Galadriel Mellion Weston Ranch (SJS) Arizona State
Roland Ruckmann-Barnes Granada (NCS) Cal Berkeley
Elizabeth Fetter Palo Alto (CCS) West Point
Hillary Studdert Palo Alto (CCS) Stanford University
Jude DeVries Montgomery (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Shane Badcock Dougherty Valley (NCS) UC San Diego
Audrey Maclean Redwood (NCS) Middlebury College
Lulu Baker Redwood (NCS) Middlebury College
Sofia Nogueiro Redwood (NCS) Hamilton College
Maddie Buck Redwood (NCS) Hamilton College
Daegan Cutter Redwood (NCS) Yale University
Alex Lamoureux College Park (NCS) Chico State
Adeline Johnson Branson (NCS) Cal Berkeley
Gavin Doig Cardinal Newman (NCS) Pomona College
Coco McKamey Santa Rosa (NCS) Cal Poly Humbolt
Andrew Stevens Santa Rosa (NCS) Chico State
Abby Carroll Davis (SJS) Sonoma State
Norah Dulaney Davis (SJS) UC San Diego
Ryan Mitchell Davis (SJS) Gonzaga University
Andrew Fu Harker (CCS) Yale University
Elianah DeMange Maria Carrillo (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Lily Mulligan Maria Carrillo (NCS) San Diego State University
Gavin Doig Cardinal Newman (NCS) Pomona College
Mateo Malko-Allen St. Mary's Berkeley (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Hope Martin Montgomery (NCS) UC Santa Cruz

If you know of others, leave a comment below and I will add them to the list. You can also email me at Please make sure these are commitments that have been made public and not heard through the grapevine.

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