What is typically the strongest cross country section in NorCal?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Rylee Bowen flying under radar during early season

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Donation to Cross Country Express site

If you have enjoyed all the pre-season Cross Country previews on this website this summer, a kind donation would be appreciated.  You can do so with the link to the right.  If you don't do online payments, you can email me at albertjcaruana@gmail.com and I will send you an address where you can send a check.

This site will remain a free service throughout the upcoming cross country season but as you know, a lot of time and effort goes into the maintenance of the website.

Thank you to any of you that are considering donating.  It's very much appreciated.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Toro Park Course Clean Up on Saturday, August 26th at 9am

Toro Park will be the course for this year's Central Coast Section (CCS) meet. After the park was used as a staging area for the Soberanes fires, the park has areas that need to be cleaned up.

On Saturday, August 26th, local teams will be there to clean up the park but they will need our help. You can check out the link below for more info as well as a waiver that will need to be filled out to help.

Any questions should be directed to Salinas HS coach Roger Chagnon at chagnon@ultimanet.com

The link to the clean up day and the waiver can be found HERE.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Northern California Track and Field records through 2017 season

Best overall marks in all events for the following sections updated through 2017 Track and Field season:

100 Kenny O'Neal Skyline (OAK) 10.34 2004
200 Calvin Harrison North Salinas (CCS) 20.57 1993
400 Calvin Harrison North Salinas (CCS) 45.25 1993
800 Pete Richardson Berkeley (NCS) 1:47.31 1981
1600 Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 3:58.76 2017
3200 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 8:31.42 (converted time) 2008 (California record)
110 Hurdles (39") Kevin Craddock James Logan (NCS)13.39 2004
300 Hurdles David Klech California (NCS) 35.45 2006
4 x 100 Relay Skyline (OAK) 40.78 1995
4 x 400 Relay Berkeley (NCS) 3:08.94 1981
Long Jump Ken Duncan McClatchy (SJS) 26'2.25" 1972
Triple Jump Ken Frazier Mission (SF) 52'4.75" 1981
High Jump Maurice Crumby Balboa SF (1983)/Darius Carbin Mt. Pleasant CCS (2016) 7'4.5" (california record)
Pole Vault Brent Burns Acalanes (NCS) 17'8.5" 1987
Shot Put Nathan Esparza Amador Valley (NCS) 69'4.75" 2016
Discus Dave Porath Atwater (SJS) 209'6" 1978

Other Events
1500 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 3:44.8 (en route to longer race)
Mile Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 4:00.16 2017
3000 German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 7:59.83 2008 (national record)
5000 Eric Mastalir Jesuit (SJS) 14:01.40 1986 (California record)
6 miles Rod Berry Redwood (NCS) 29:13.2 1977
10000 Brett Gotcher Aptos (CCS) 30:18.41 2002
Marathon Mitch Kingery San Carlos (CCS) 2:23:47 1973 (California record)
2000 Steeplechase Steve Guerrini Santa Rosa (NCS) 5:43.9 1991 (California record)
3000 Steeplechase Steve Guerrini Santa Rosa (NCS) 9:22.13 1991
110 Hurdles (42') Kevin Craddock James Logan (NCS) 13.74 2004 (national record)
400 Hurdles David Klech California (NCS) 50.35 2006
4 x 200 Relay Berkeley (NCS) 1:25.1 1981
4 x 800 Relay De La Salle (NCS) 7:41.35 1997
4 x 1600 Jesuit (SJS) 17:22.6 1986
1600 Sprint Medley Relay Berkeley (NCS) 3:21.1 1981
Distance Medley Relay Jesuit (SJS) 9:56.3 1986 (California record)
Decathlon Tom McGraw Los Gatos (CCS) 6971 1981

100 Ashton Purvis St. Elizabeth (NCS) 11.17 2010
200 Tania Woods Skyline (OAK) 22.88 1999
400 Kathy Hammond 52.1 Mira Loma (SJS) 1969
800 Ann Regan Camden (CCS) 2:04.37 1977
1600 Alex Kosinski Oak Ridge (SJS) 4:38.15 2007
3200 Laurynn Chetelat Davis (SJS) 9:52.51 2008
100 Hurdles Vashti Thomas Mt. Pleasant (CCS) 13.03 2007
300 Hurdles Leslie Maxie Mills (CCS) 40.18 1984
4 x 100 Relay Berkeley (NCS) 45.13 1981
4 x 400 Relay James Logan (NCS) 3:37.85 2004
Long Jump Jamesha Youngblood Hercules (NCS) 21'0" 2007
Triple Jump Brittany Daniels Merrill West (SJS) 44'11.75" 2004 (national record)
High Jump Wendy Brown Woodside (CCS) 6'2.25" 1984/Julie Broughton Woodland (SJS) 6'2.25" 1989
Pole Vault Tori Anthony Castilleja (CCS) 14'1.25" 2007
Shot Put Elena Bruckner Valley Christian SJ (CCS) 54'7" 2016 (California record)
Discus Suzy Powell Downey (SJS) 188'4" 1994

Other Events
1500 Francie Larrieu Fremont (CCS) 4:16.8 1969
3000 Cory Schubert Del Mar (CCS) 9:11.80 1983 (California record)
5000 Caitlin Chock Granite Bay (SJS) 15:52.88 2004
10000 Roxanne Bier Independence (CCS) 34:54.8 1978
Marathon Heike Skaden Encina (SJS) 2:43:00 1980 (California record)
2000 Steeplechase Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS) 6:41.26 2015 (California record)
3000 Steeplechase Jenny Aldridge Maria Carrillo (NCS) 10:49.63
400 Hurdles Leslie Maxie Mills (CCS) 55.20 1984 (California record)
4 x 200 Relay Mt. Pleasant (CCS) 1:39.14 2007/James Logan (NCS) 1:36.41 2006 Indoors
4 x 800 Relay Archbishop Mitty (CCS) 9:10.96 2005
4 x 1600 Relay Davis (SJS) 20:03.24 2014
800 Sprint Medley Relay Berkeley (NCS) 1:42.08 2000
1600 Sprint Medley Relay Piedmont Hills (CCS) 3:59.65 2014
Distance Medley Relay San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 11:41.28 2000
4 x 100 Hurdles Relay Vacaville (SJS) 57.17 2014 (California record)
Heptathlon Shevell Quinley Merrill West (SJS) 5266 2005

Any errors? Let me know.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bob Shor Obituary

You can find it at this LINK thanks to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Friday, August 11, 2017

My Reflection on the Passing of Bob Shor by Chris Puppione

I have enjoyed a pretty blessed existence, in that much of my life has remained steady despite my occasionally turbulent tendencies.

Perhaps that's why I felt an odd connection to Bob Shor (Michael Lucid photo) across the last 20 years. He was always there, and he knew what it meant to be an explosive personality, yet truly gentle at the core.

Bob was nothing if not furiously dedicated, and I understood that. I also understood what that kind of commitment can do to a man.

It can make you appear strict. It can make you appear compulsive. It can make you appear inflexible.

Truthfully, however, that kind of dedication--which is truly devotion--is so striking, many do not know how to respond--not even the man from whom it emanates. Bob was indeed complex, but his mission--his vocation--was quite simple. He was a man who believed he was here to serve others, and there is no greater calling than that.

Over the years, I came to see Bob for all of his immensity. Make no mistake, despite the slight frame, we all recognized him as a large man. We were not so much with him, as we were among him. He commanded that much space, and he deserved it--because space is given with an air of respect.

And while many of us witnessed his fire in many public moments of "educating" an athlete who may have taken a misstep, I do hope people watched more closely between the races, during the staging, in practice sessions, and away from the starter's perch.

Did you ever have Bob whisper you an encouraging word when he knew you needed it most? Were you that first-time youth runner who needed track to be your safe place? Or that foolhardy young coach who thought he'd seen it all only to have reality drop on your head like a 16-pound shot?

Yeah, I was the last one.

I had the chance to watch Bob interact with the kids of Santa Rosa Express and other youth clubs at USATF meets, and I can tell you, he was like a grandfather to all. When I heard of his passing, I did a search on social media of his name to see how far the news had reached, and even the NCS great Aisha Margain--from the East Bay--posted a noted about how much she adored Bob Shor.

Look, make no mistake, Bob was tough, but its a tough that was rare and a tough that we will miss. Despite all the gruffness, he was the one my boys at Cardinal Newman lovingly memorialized for eternity with their epic "A Day in the Life of Bob Shor" sketches on our van rides home from meets.

He was a local running icon--and that is undeniable.

In the last few years, I would take some time at each meet Bob was starting to visit with him. As I said, I felt a kinship there. He knew I was a pretty excitable guy as well--believe me. But we both loved our sport, and we loved it because of what it does for the kids we served.

No one has served those kids better than Bob Shor, and I guess I just wanted a little of that magic to rub off on me. And I believe some of it did.

Bob had an incredible speech he would give before most races, and generations of kids have internalized it, I am sure. The part that lingers with me now is just a snippet from his well-rehearsed monologue. It was when he was reminding the athletes that he would not fire the gun until they were all perfectly still.

"...not JUST you, but EVERYBODY..."

It is interesting how that phrase strikes me now. Perhaps sentimentality is luring me toward a different understanding, but it does strike me as something that is very central to the sport of running--and that is community.

It is not JUST about you, even though running can be regarded as an individual sport. You can run on your own, but it is more enjoyable with EVERYBODY there with you.

Bob has always been there for you. He has always been there for EVERYBODY.

So when the kids stand behind their blocks, or take two steps back from the line, we will respect the space that is created there. We will know that this empty space is where Bob would be, giving his final instructions before the kids take another shot at discovering just how great they can truly be.

Godspeed, Bob.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Bob Shor

I am very sad to report that Bob Shor passed away this morning after battling illness for the past few years. Most of you would know Bob from starting a lot of meets especially in the Santa Rosa area. He was also the starter for the Dublin Distance Fiesta, Castro Valley Invitational and NCS MOC XC meet for many years. Bob was also a youth coach in the Santa Rosa area. May he rest in peace. He was definitely one of the good guys in our sports. Photo  to the right courtesy of Michael McGuire.

I have no information of funeral services at this point. If I hear differently, I will update this post.
The following are two posts from Santa Rosa coaches Doug Courtemarche and Carrie Joseph.
First Doug:
A long and dear friend of mine and Santa Rosa High School Track and Cross Country passed away this morning. Bob Shor was part of Santa Rosa High for around 20 years. He was a coach and starter for our meets. Bob and I worked together for over 30 years with the Santa Rosa Express Youth club and the high school. Bob voluntarily offered his numerous services to any group that he could accommodate. Bob started meets allover the country and never sought compensation. He freely gave his time and expertise whenever he could. Bob was truly a legend not only in Sonoma County but throughout Northern California and In Youth track nationally. Bob was an active member of the Empire Runners of Sonoma County.
I met with his wife and daughter this morning and they are both doing fine. Bob suffered from multiple forms of cancer for the past year. There will be some sort of service in the early fall.
You will be missed, Bob. Happy starting in Heaven.
Second is Carrie:
Bob Shor was an icon, an institution, a legend. He touched 1000s of young athletes' lives. Gruff yet gentle, he had a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to impart. He was a Vietnam Vet from New York City, a 4:20 miler, a great storyteller. Old School all the way, which would cause him some bewilderment as times changed of course. He was especially patient with young kids in SR Express, and I have many fond memories of Bob being surprisingly playful with my own children as they grew up on the track because I towed them there every day.
Despite his health problems the last few years, he never missed a day of practice until this past CC season. One of the hardest core routine skills we do are what we call the "Bob Shor Leg Hovers" -- it's too painful to even describe here, but let's just say he made it look easy. I know our athletes would sigh with relief when we would travel to a foreign track or CC course and see Bob with the starter pistol -- partly because they knew Bob inspired fear in their competitors, but also because they knew the real Bob.
Bob was meticulous about his beloved track, arriving to practice hours early to pull weeds, straighten curbs, and repair equipment. He knew the rule book inside and out. He probably wrote it, actually. 
Thank you, Bob.
Here is an article from 2011 after Bob won the Kathy Van Riper Inspiration Award:

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Sac-Joaquin Section Individual Rankings

Divisions for upcoming season just posted at:

1) Collin Ullrich Liberty Ranch
2) Matt Strangio Jesuit
3) Jonah Wiener-Brodkey McClatchy
4) Santiago Ruiz Joseph Gregori
5) Drew Spencer Oak Ridge
6) Sergio Lopez Del Campo
7) Mason Reeves Joseph Gregori
8) Garrett Gough Nevada Union
9) Damian King Bella Vista
10) Conner Ryan Placer

1) Maddy Denner Oak Ridge
2) Elena Denner Oak Ridge
3) Olivia O'Keeffe Davis
4) Sydney Vandegrift St. Francis, Sacramento
5) Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sacramento
6) Clarissa Nowag-Nelson McClatchy
7) Alize Hartke Oakmont
8) Cassie Land Sonora
9) Kaela Dishion Bret Harte
10) Sophia Karperos Rio Americano

If you feel like there are runners that belong on the lists above, please feel free to add their names in the comment section below. Also, from looking at the divisions for the upcoming season, what teams moved divisions from last year and will have an impact in a different division this year?

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Meet the Pro: An Evening With Strava Track Club's Ayla Granados (Wed, August 9th)

This event will take place Wednesday, August 9th at Thornberry Running and Sports Therapy in Pleasanton from 8pm to 9pm. You can find all the info to the event along how to register at this LINK.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

2017/2018 NorCal's top freshmen

Started by a comment in a previous post. If you have other freshmen to add to the list, please add them and their times in the comment section below.

Isabelle Cairns is from Woodside and had a good track season. She ran a 2:16 800 and 4:56 1500. The club girls run 1500 so that needs to be converted. I get 5:17 for 1600. She ran XC last year but in track she focused on the 400 and 800 so it's unclear if she will run XC in HS. I also don't know what HS she is going to. (believed to be going to St. Francis, MV)

Natalie Harper is headed to Cosumnes Oaks. She ran 5:11 at Halden for 1600 and also ran 4:50 for 1500. She also ran a 10:36 3000. She will certainly be a big factor for CO.

Madison Denny is headed to Armijo. She ran a 4:47 1500 which converts to a 5:08 for 1600. She also ran a 2:20 800 and a 10:32 3000. She has the fastest 1500 and 3000 times for Northern California middle school girls and the 2nd fastest 800 to Isabelle Cairns. I also heard that Luis Grijalva's coach is staying on with Armijo to coach her. Not sure if that's true but if so, that could be huge. Times courtesy of athletic.net

Collin Peattie RJ Fisher MS in Los Gatos, PRs that I could find for him are 2:04.46 and 4:37.32. Believed to be going to Bellarmine.

Maya Lacamp Lick-Wilmerding 4:59.01 1500m

Dylan Gunn Campolindo 4:25 1500, 9:33 3000m

Chloe Decker Christian Brothers (SJS) 12.64 (100m), 26.21 (200m)

Teia Chou Sunnyvale MS now going to Homestead HS (CCS) 2:24 (800m), 5:28 (1600m)

Others? Sprinters? Jumpers? Throwers? 

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