Monday, March 13, 2017

Dublin Distance Fiesta Meet Info

MEET PREVIEW can be found HERE.

Heat Sheets now posted at this LINK. The meet will also be live streamed at this LINK. (NEW)

What will be THE best race of the day? Who is going to be the breakout star this year? What is YOUR goal for this year's DDF? 

The schedule can be found HERE.

More will be posted as I receive it. In the meantime, what meet records will be challenged this year?

Girls 1600 Hannah Fishlow 5:02.79 2016
Boys 1600 Eric Olson 4:17.28 2009
Girls 800 Kendall Derry 2:12.84 2015
Boys 800 Sebastian Sam 1:54.21 2008
Girls 3200 Kristen Leung 10:33.71 2016
Boys 3200 Cooper Teare 8:56.07 2016
Girls DMR Bella Vista 12:14.03 2015
Boys DMR Davis 10;23.93 2016


Anonymous said...

Given the great times put up early this year & the "Arcadia Effect" for the top two finishers in the 1600 to fall. The 800s' may go as well. Should be some great racing.

Jorge Chen said...

Other than Cooper's 8:56 I do believe that every other record can be challenged if the field is right...The Boys 3200 only has Vernau and no Cooper or Luis so it'll be hard to challenge that record again this'll be a fun meet to watch!!!! And yes, coach too...hahahaha Best Wishes to everyone!

Albert Caruana said...

Cooper's record is definitely not safe. In the fastest 3200, you have Vernau, Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau and Callum Bolger. You can see the complete field below. There are definitely other competitors that can dip under 9:20 and some who will get under 9:10. Should be a great race like last year.

Heat: 13
Beaudoin-Rousseau, 11 Bellarmine Pre
Bennett, John 11 Granada
Bolger, Callum 12 San Luis Obispo
Braganza, Neil 12 Dougherty Vall
Buckley, Edward 10 Campolindo
Charvet, Jett 11 Heritage
Diaz, Raymond 12 Campolindo
Doblar, Dylan 12 Bellarmine Pre
Holland, Benjamin 12 Jesuit
Johnson, Joey 12 Sonoma Acade
Kabbani, Omar 12 Northgate
Kabbara, Munir 11 San Rafael
Krajewski, Mikolaj 12 Lowell
Miranda, Robert 11 Menlo
Ritter, Jake 12 Granite Bay
Skoy, Andrew 12 Shasta
Strangio, Matt 9 Jesuit
Vernau, Michael 12 Davis
Walker, Zach 11 Willow Glen
Wiener-Brodkey, Jon 11 McClatchy
Williams, Robert 12 Woodcreek
Woo, Owen 12 St Mary's Colle
Yabu, Jared 12 Campolindo

Anonymous said...

NO ONE, is running 8:56! Ain't going to happen. IMHO

Albert Caruana said...

Bolger had 5 sub 9 efforts last year and one by himself. Vernau had two with a best of 8:54.58 at the state meet. He finished in 2nd behind Cooper last year at the DDF with a time of 8:57.70. Meika was one of the most improved cross country runners in CA this past XC season. I believe the winner will dip under 9 and it will be a matter of how far under he and perhaps others will go under 9.

Anonymous said...

Heat sheet-Smeat sheet, what's the winning T-shirt color?

Jorge Chen said...

LOL agreed with 3/14 10:59AM
BTW, and the winner is...LA LA LAND! Too soon?!?!?

In all seriousness, now that Callum is coming up to race it's a different ball game than the original assumptions (Cooper and Luis in TX, and Vernau running on his own.) But again 8:56 will be tough, but close...And thus that will be the RACE TO WATCH for sure.

Anonymous said...

The girls 32 looks like there is some good competition should be a fast race

Ron Ernst said...

Boys 800 is most vulnerable based on the times already posted this season.

Anonymous said...

Derek Parker dangerous in 800

pmccrystle said...

Great preview Albert...don't forget Scales' new PR in the open 400, 50.32 against Mitty on Wednesday!

Amos Karlsen said...

Watch out for Jose Cruz of McClatchy in the 800--1:54 pr from last year and a 1:56 two weeks ago at the sac state invite

Anonymous said...

On the girls' side, I think the 800m and 1600m records are vulnerable and will fall this weekend. I think the 3200m record is safe. The DMR record could be in jeopardy -- I think the Davis girls could put together a very competitive quartet.

Albert Caruana said...

If Alyssa Brewer runs tomorrow, that 800 record is toast provided somebody takes provides a fast early pace.

I am all for rabbits in the fast heats...let's see some UBER FAST TIMES!

Anonymous said...

800 by the smallest of margins! 2:12:13 from 2:12:84

Anonymous said...

who won

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