What is typically the strongest cross country section in NorCal?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Northern California Results for Saturday, September 17th

Lowell Invitational at Golden Gate Park (San Francisco)
De La Salle Invitational at Newhall Park (Concord)
Viking Opener at Spring Lake Park (Santa Rosa) Pictures added
RL Stevenson Relays at Stevenson School (Pebble Beach)
Chieftain Invitational at Toro Park (Salinas) Just Added
Hughson SuperCross Invite at Hughson High School (Hughson) Just Added

Woodbridge Invititational at Estancia High School (Costa Mesa) Just Added 

The rest of the Northern California race results will be added as I get them.  If you were at a meet and receive results that are not yet posted on here, please forward them to me or send me the link.

Who were the impressive performances today for teams and individuals?


Anonymous said...

which course is harder, lowell or De La Salle?

Anonymous said...

Wow. At the DLS meet, Berkeley had three ABDO's run, all 9th graders with 2 girls & 1 boy. Are these triplets? diribi took 4th in the girls varsity race and beat some pretty good runners. Anyone know anything about the 3 ABDOs?

Anonymous said...

The three Abdo's were recently adopted from Ethiopia. Look for them to continue to drop their times as the season progresses.

Anonymous said...

probably Lowell which has tighter spaces and narrower lanes and the footing is trickier

Albert Caruana said...

Try the xcstats.com course converter at this link:

Albert Caruana said...

Also try this course converter:

Looks like Newhall Park is about 20 seconds or so faster than Golden Gate Park.

SJS Fan said...

Jordon Rushings Third place 14:22 3mi. in the Sweepstakes race at the Woodbridge Invitational should rank highly in the top performance of the day. Shall we start the debate about the race we will never see ? Luna vs Rushing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the Abdo's. So they aren't necessarily triplets then...they could have just all started school at the same grade. Look forward to reading more about them and will be following their progress throughout the year! Go Panthers!

Anonymous said...

GGP times are fast... Looks to be about a minute faster than Toro last week which would be explained by 0.7 less plus no big camel humps!

I don't know if the 3 mile Newhall park is 20 seconds faster than the 2.93 GGP but if that's what the stats show...

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